Why Are Wedding Invitation Templates Right for You?

Many young couples have realized that they don’t need to spend weeks working with a printer organizing their wedding invitations. Nor do they need to spend countless hours of their precious time trying to create their own wedding invitation layout in a complicated image editing program. No, they have realized how much more time and cost effective it is to create their own wedding invitations from a freely accessible template, complete with sample wording and other features to help make your job as easy as possible.

Find the right wedding invitation from all of the templates can be a difficult task. That is why we’ve put together a breakdown of what you can expect from all of the different styles. Find the right wedding invitation and get the most from your templates.

Before I continue let me tell you what a template is and isn’t.

  • A wedding invitation template is:
    1. A perfect opportunity to get what you want from the invitation without the added amount of work.
    2. An affordable alternative to getting expensive invitations designed by a professional designer.
    3. A highly unique and adapted invitation printed to your specifications.
    4. Easy and fast option to a once time consuming and stressful process.
  • A wedding invitation template isn’t:
    1. Not 100% unique. Somebody may have modified the template to fit their wedding.
    2. Free. You will be present with the option to create the invitation exactly like you want. Once you’re done you will have the option to purchase the final product.

Pros and cons

There are a lot of reasons why you would choose to have one of the template printed for your wedding. Here is a small list of the Pros and cons of designing your wedding invitations from a template.


  1. They offer you an affordable high customized experience you would normal have to hire a professional designer to achieve otherwise.
  2. No minimum order.
  3. The provide you with a large selection of easy to customize templates allowing you room to test and experiment with different alternatives before you settle on the final design.
  4. Low printing costs and professional quality, printed and shipped right here in the USA!
  5. And many more reasons including: free envelopes, printing handled within 24 hours after you place your order and a hassle free return policy.


  1. The easy to use editor requires basic computer experience.
  2. More templates than you can choose from.
  3. Freely available templates that anybody can use rather than individually designed layouts.