New Ideas for Old Wedding Invitations

We’ve covered a couple of the great style of modern wedding invitations. This includes embracing a little bit of the old and capturing the rustic nature of some wedding invitations. But what happens when you decide you really aren’t interested in a modern version of an old style? There are options here as well. And you will certainly be surprised to learn that they aren’t much different, or more complicated than the methods we have already covered.

Many of us will certainly have access to somebody close than can help with the editing. And creating a new wedding invitation from an old one is a simple process if you have the right skills.

You will need:

  • A little time
  • The right software, some sort of image editing software will be required that allows you to edit the invitation
  • A scanner, or if you are comfortable a good camera
  • An old wedding invitation

And the last point is the most important one. We’ll be creating our new modern wedding invitation template from this old careworn design. The process is simple.

  1. Carefully scan the old invitation the best you can. Make sure that you get everything on the scan that you can. Otherwise you will need to recreate part of the invitation for your template and that is harder than taking away part of it.
  2. Remove all of the text that doesn’t fit with your wedding. This may only be a small portion, the important wedding dates or it will be the entire text, the choice is yours.
  3. Once you have a blank template to work with it is time to start putting on your wedding details. Make sure you pick a fitting font. Whatever you do, do not pick a modern font intended for web or print media. This will create an unfitting effect that will leave you disappointed in the end.
  4. Make sure you check your spelling, sizing and other print related factors before you have the cards printed. If you will be printing your own wedding invitations you will be more free to experiment but if you have a printer handle the job for you you will have a costly mistake on your hands if you don’t check them first.
  5. Once you have everything ready print the invitations. Choose a fitting paper, there are many artisan and other papers types that you can pick that further give the effect on an old invitation.

I found this page of tips interesting for creating your own wedding invitation templates.

Photo Credit: Korie Lynn Photography

The results were really impressive and Korie’s photo shows all of the texture you can create right at home.

So don’t worry if you can’t afford a professional wedding invitation, you can DIY just as well and for a fraction of the price!

Freely Editable Wedding Invitation Templates

What makes the perfect wedding invitations? The perfect template. And that means one thing. Selection. And we are pleased to say that we have plenty of wedding invitation templates for you to choose from.

Once you have browsed through the templates and found the one that you’re interested in, it is time to start editing it to fit your wedding. You are free to edit any of the invitations you find here on the site without obligation. Test your wording, position your important details and other aspects of your wedding invitation with ease. After you have completed the look and ensured that you have all of the important details on the invitation you can choose to continue to checkout. You will have a number of options to further enhance the look and feel, producing a final result you can be happy with. And depending on the quantity you require you may even be eligible for a discount.

By choosing the right invitation template for your wedding you are ensuring that you capture the look and feel that you really wanted. There are plenty of options out there that may appear right at first, only to have the wrong look or feel when you actually begin editing it. By being free to choose and edit any of the templates you get a digital proof of the invitation before you click order.

This helps you find the perfect invitation without the hassle of going to a printer, and in the end can very easily save you time and money.